07 Phone Sex and Relationships

June 14, 2021

This week we explore what it's like for me to navigate my Phone Sex operations, and my personal love life. If you're struggling with your love life vs. an erotic profession, look no further! Come on in for some sexy anecdotes, and some sage advise on disconnecting your passion from your lust. This …

06 +1: Self-care in Sex Work

June 6, 2021

In this week's episode I sit down to discuss self care in sex work, and sex work as a sustainable business. Joining me is a once therapist turned life coach, Sara Griffey. You can find her at http://www.dobetterwellness.com , and sara@dobetterwellness.com . Have a listen, and as always you can fin…

05 +1: Introducing my Sexy Partner Liv

May 23, 2021

This episode sees a guest spot from my life partner Liv Harper. Come meet her, as I do hope she will be a regular on this podcast. She discusses everything from online sex work content creation to our dynamics in our triad. Come listen in, and if you would like add her on Twitter @LivHarper6 .

Bonus: Sexbite-04

May 21, 2021

Listen in this week as I talk about one of my earliest experiences with an Edger. Don't know what edging is? Listen up!

04 Seline+1: A Kinkster's take on Toxic Sexuality

May 16, 2021

This week join me as I discuss Toxic Sexuality with a fellow kinkster, and good friend. We delve into what it is like to be a queer man in this society, and dive deeper into the depth of damage these misconceptions can harbor.

Bonus: Sexbite-03

May 14, 2021

In this bonus minisode, I talk about a fun game with a client where we bet our boots. Come have a listen!

Toxic Masculinity For Shame

May 9, 2021

Come listen to me talk about something that has been on my mind pretty heavily of late. The impact of toxic masculinity, the skewed view of what it is to be a man, and male sexuality. Help me change the narrative, and assist men in escaping the stigma.

Bonus: Sexbite-02

May 7, 2021

In this bonus minisode, I talk about my first staggering call with a dominant. I also talk about where this led me, and how it changed my ideas of how to talk to clients.

02 Tools of the Trade

May 2, 2021

In this episode I discuss the types of tools necessary for this profession, give a few tips on how to be successful, and also discuss the role confidence plays in what I do. Come join me for a little sexy conversation. In this episode I mention a friends YouTube channel, as promised here is the dir…

Bonus: Sexbite-01

April 30, 2021

An introduction to some more concise and sexy moments. A bit more taboo than more lengthy episodes, and a quick microburst of fun.

01 A Sexy Introduction

April 28, 2021

Come listen in to an introduction about how I got started in the Phone Sex business, what that's like, and the whirlwind that got me there. Learn a little more about what I intend to focus on in this podcast, and all the fun along the way.

Preview for Whimsical Sexperts

April 28, 2021

Just a teaser for my upcoming podcast, give it a listen to find out more! You'll find in this audio a quick overview of what to expect from this podcast, scheduling, and where to find us on the internet to interact.