Aug. 26, 2021

The Torture of Lauren Kavanaugh

The Torture of Lauren Kavanaugh

Child abuse is always a hard topic to talk about. What's even more tragic is when it isn't talked about. This week Lacy takes us through the tragic life of Lauren Kavanaugh. This sweet angel was denied so many chances to have a normal good life. She went from having two parents who loved and adored her, to be ripped away and placed in the hands of awful human beings. These two monsters, who should have  never been parents took it in their own hands to destroy the light inside a young girl. Barbara "Barbie" and Kenneth "Kenny" Adkinson are monsters who should never ever be deserved to see the light of day again. Lauren is still fighting the trauma that was inflicted on her, and there is still time to show her that the system isn't totally against her and against victims. Will we be able to save her? How many children need to be failed by our system for someone to fix it? How can we fix it? If you see something, say something. Please help prevent this kind of tragedy from happening over and over again.

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