July 1, 2021

Steven Stayner- Stayner Brothers Pt 1

Steven Stayner- Stayner Brothers Pt 1

This week Krystle tells us of Steven Gregory Stayner was a 7 year old boy who was taken by Child molester Kenneth Parnell. He was help by his abductor 200 miles away from his home. When he was 14 years old he was able to escape with another one of Parnell's victims. He knew that he couldn't let another little boy Suffer. When Steven was first taken he did not know he was so close to home, the first night in the cabin he was taken to he was molested for the first time. He was told his whole life living with Parnell that his family did not want him, and gave him to him. He changed Stevens name to Dennis Gregory to enroll him in school. Steven never forgot his real family and even tried to tell a group of friends who chalked it up to the teen being intoxicated. As he entered puberty Parnell decided he needed to find a younger victim. Stayner was made to be an accomplice, although he botched all kidnapping attempts. Parnell later got one of Stevens friends to help they kidnapped 5 year old Timothy White. Knowing the fate the boy was facing Steven took Timothy. They ended up in front of a police station where their identities became known and they were reunited with their families.  What happens to them afterwards???

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Steven and Cary Stayner: 2 brothers' horror and heroism/Nightline ABC
Steven Stayner Interview- March 14th 1980 ABC News
20/20 Evil in Eden- two brothers tied to yosemite. one a hero and the other a monster ABC NEW

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Mother of newborn twins fatally shot

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