May 27, 2021

Mysterious Deaths of Phoebe Handsjuk & Bailey Schneider

Mysterious Deaths of Phoebe Handsjuk & Bailey Schneider

Two women, Phoebe Handsjuk and Bailey Schneider, were both found dead under mysterious circumstances. What did they have in common? What was the one common denominator? They were both murdered in mysteriously in Australia, 8 years apart. Suicide is an easy answer for the investigators in these two cases where these women died in very very sketchy circumstances. Is it possible they really did harm themselves? Maybe. Is it reasonable to believe they were murdered rather than completed suicide? Absolutely. Join us this week and listen to Anika walk us through both of their deaths and the circumstances surrounding them. I hope that these two beautiful young women get the justice they deserve. 

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Crime of the week
50 years after the murder of a young boy, the perpetrator is finally named.

Independent- India
Mother kills 3 year old over dispute over the TV and because she loved her dad more than her mom.

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