Sept. 22, 2021

Maury Troy Travis

Maury Troy Travis

This week Lacy tells us the life of Maury Troy Travis. This was a seemingly normal quiet child who had a normal family life and all of the advantages he needed to get ahead. The difference? at 14 he began having thoughts of torturing women. When he started college and got addicted to cocaine he began his life of crime. His victim count is unknown as he did not leave behind evidence for a lot of the women he murdered. How was he captured? This sicko decided to video the torture of the women he killed and the video was labeled "wedding day". 

The amount of information on the victims in this case is very minimal. All of his victims were sex workers who deserve to have their story told. Women of all walks of life are not less than because of how they choose to earn a living. We have to do better protecting them. 

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