May 13, 2021

Jeannie Quinn & Stephanie Meeks Henderson

Jeannie Quinn & Stephanie Meeks Henderson

Stephanie Meeks Henderson went missing on November 27 1993 after getting into an argument with her husband Ricky Don Henderson. Fast forward 25 years and another young girl associated with the same man ends up tragically murdered in what authorities called a "staged hanging." Lacy will walk through the death and disappearance of these two girls. Two families who deserve answers and justice, lets hope they get it!

To end things on a lighter note, Anika will take us through "the top crimes of 2020"

New Intro/Outro music written and preformed by Tommy Jacobs,
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If you find yourself needing help emotionally or need to reach out for a friend and have nowhere else to turn, know we are always here to listen!

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Crime of the week
Tristyn Bailey was a beautiful teenager taken way too soon from this world. We will  have a lot more to come following her case, this is just the beginning.

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