May 20, 2021

Howard M Neal

Howard M Neal

Howard M Neal was a child no one wanted, including his parents. He is also a person that faces difficulties due to his mental status. Can a serial killer with a very low IQ equivalent to an 8 year old be held responsible for the murder of 5 people and the rape of 3 people? That we know of. Krystle is going to unravel his life story on this weeks episode and give all of the details on his life in prison, his life before prison, his appeals process, and the sentence given to him because of his mental disability.

Intro/Outro music written and preformed by Tommy Jacobs,
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Crime of the week
Woman duped by psychic to find and marry a rich man to give her money to pay the psychic for "Keeping evil away"

James Brian Chadwell II is sitting behind bars following his alleged attempted rape, murder, and kidnapping on a 9 year old girl in Indiana.  Chadwell is being looked into for the deaths of Liberty (libby) German and Abigail (abby) Williams. Is he a suspect? Or are websleuths just desperate for answers?

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