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Informal and informative!

I listened to the most recent episode with Ken and James and really enjoyed it! This not my typical podcast, but I really enjoyed how conversational it was— almost like friends catching up at lunch, but still broached some big ideas and topics! I’m interested to listen future episodes and will be researching the upcoming connected book!

Great discussion about life and career with a global perspective.

It was very cool to hear about Geesha's path. The hosts create a nice environment for interesting discussion by giving their guest both great questions and leaving them with plenty of time to relate their experiences. For anyone looking for new perspectives from a variety of careers, cultures, and lifestyles, I would highly recommend this podcast!

Awesome show!

As someone who works in marketing/storytelling, I really love the approach these two take to their interview subjects. They ask meaningful questions about strengths and passions and what it takes to build your persona(s). Great show!


I checked out the interview with Anya as I’m a millennial and wanted to listen to an interview with someone in school (as I was recently in school as well) and it was nice to hear her perspective on the questions being asked. I found myself relating to her a lot - especially when it came to talking about having a lot of passions but not necessarily feeling like I can transfer those passions into actual careers. This podcast is super interesting and intellectual - I’m looking forward to catching up on more episodes!