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Amazing Hosts!

These two are great. It's so enjoyable to listen to them and their dynamic w one another

Solid Movie reviews right here!

In a fun easy going style, Joe and Sean share their thoughts on so many movies. I know I can’t see every movie out there but their reviews help me choose the ones I’d really like to see or to just pass on.

Love this podcast!

Joe and Sean are entertaining AND super knowledgeable about movies! I look forward to listening to their episodes each week. You can tell they have genuine passion for everything movies!

Fun “Guys!”

The enthusiasm, friendly banter, and depth of knowledge makes this podcast one of the good ones!

Lots of fun….

Love the reviews and topical chatter. Even if you don’t agree with all the viewpoints, you won’t regret spending some time with Joe & Sean!

Bunch of Wise Guys!!! Love It!!!

Joe and Sean (and sometimes Kevin) giving us their reviews and insight into a wide variety of films across genres! A wonderful show for cinephiles and even the casual movie watchers out there that are looking for something new to watch. They had me laughing out loud a couple times why listening to their episode on Scream 2 so they will keep me coming back for more! Awesome show guys! Keep up the awesomeness!!!

Awesome stuff!!

Found this podcast on instagram and am amazed at their movie knowledge. Then gave their show a listen and they're entertaining as hell too. Great show!

Great podcast for movie lovers!

Once you listen to this podcast once, you’ll never stop singing 🎶 guy at the movies PODCASTTT 🎶 🎸 🎶

Great movie discussions!

Very fun and entertaining. Great job!