March 25, 2021

You Are the Golden Child w/ Trish Lechman

You Are the Golden Child w/ Trish Lechman

Wherever we fall in our family structure, we often feel like the forgotten “middle child,” forever pining for acceptance and validation. But the truth is, every one of us is a golden child, and we don’t need anyone’s permission to shine! Today’s guest, Trish Lechman (@trishlechman) shows us how shedding light on our darkest times is the key to gaining resilience, shedding our limiting beliefs, and becoming the person we truly wish to be.

Highlight Reel:

0:10 - Resilience: the antidote to all misery?

2:00 - We are all the golden child

3:00 - Stepping out of the limiting mindset matrix

8:45 - You don’t need permission to shine

12:00 - Exiting toxic situations

15:20 - All about resilience

25:00 - How to change the past

28:00 - Trish builds a bridge to her ideal world

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