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A true gem!

Easily one of the most genuine and value-packed podcasts I've encountered! Dr. Adrienne and her guests make me feel completely at home here - bowled over by the refreshing perspective and nourishing conversations. 💛

Inspiring and Interesting!

Dr Adrienne hosts such a varied array of voices and we hear so many stories. Love this podcast!

Refreshing conversation!

It was so lovely to share a deep conversation with Adrienne. Thank you for being real and holding the space for me to share my story. Much love!

Worth a listen!

Great show with some insightful and inspirational stories, defnintely well worth a listen. Messages that matter, love it, thanks Adrienne!

Love this pod!

Adrienne has the heart and compassion to hear other’s points of views and validate them in a way that makes you feel safe and secure. She navigates these stories with the right amount of humor and worldly experience. I highly recommend Adrienne!

Insightful, endearing, and charming

Dr. Adrienne is endearing and genuine. Listening to her tell stories and listening to how she holds a container for others to tell their stories is alluring. Like a camel drinking out of an oasis in a desert, I feel nourished listening to stories on this podcast. I’d recommend her for an audienc…

my episode on Thats Aloud was one of the best podcasts i’ve ever done

Adrienne has an almost unnoticed ability that allows her to draw out the story of a person without them even realising it. I have one tons of podcasts, but in this episode, “Broken Pieces Tell Amazing Stories with Daniel Levin” i was able to weave into my narrative the stories of the people i have …

Laugh aloud!

Adrienne’s storytelling is so funny and sad and professional. I enjoy her stories almost more than her guests! This is a podcast worth subscribing to.

Adrienne makes me feel heard & connected!

In times where we are all so disconnected during quarantine, I really discovered my love for this podcast! Adrienne speaks about her journey through life in a way that regardless of if we share the same experiences, I feel as if I am understood. I love tuning in to new episodes because it really ju…

Enjoying this podcast!

Great host, interesting stories, I’m really enjoying this podcast!

High quality produciton, high quality content

As an iTunes top 100 rated podcast when my show launched, I know how hard it is to create both content and production quality that is worth a listen. This show does both. The stories that are being offered are valuable, entertaining, and powerful. Definitely worth a listen, and significant kudos to…