Dec. 31, 2020

Just Keep Going w/ Anne Livingston

Just Keep Going w/ Anne Livingston

Improbable is not impossible, but many of us give up on our dreams before we’ve even given them a fair shot. Join us today as Anne Livingston, better known as Anne the Nomad, shares how the transformational power of letting go of everyone else’s rules and refusing to give up can lead you to a life that is truly, authentically yours. 

As we ring in the new year, now is a great time to deliberately choose what to leave behind and what to create in the year to come. My theme words for 2021 are: create, collaborate, give, and thrive. Who will YOU be, and what will you create this year? Share some theme words for the year ahead in the comments below!

Highlight Reel:

3:00  Separation

6:00  Initiation

10:50  Moms need to hear this

12:00  Self-Awareness is the first step

13:50  Cultivating Self-Curiosity

17:00  Go back to your child-self

18:50  All your dreams have come true

24:10  Let go of everyone else’s rules

31:40  Just keep going

Watch the video:

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