March 18, 2021

Going All-In w/ Joe & Julia Langton

Going All-In w/ Joe & Julia Langton

Success is never guaranteed. But if you never even try going after what you really want, you’re pretty well guaranteed never to get it. Today, Joe and Julia Langton, the father-daughter team behind the podcast Automating Success, are here to tell you not to listen to the people you say you can’t do it. Join us to explore how, if you find your passion and run with it, truly go all-in, doors will open up and you will succeed.

Highlight Reel:

1:40  Automating Success

3:30  The person I am today

12:40  A bad communicator

18:20  Don’t tell me I can’t do it

21:40  Finding your superpower

24:50  Going with your gut

29:30  Do it all-in!

35:10  Julia’s perfect world

44:20  Joe’s perfect world

Watch the video:

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