April 1, 2021

Awakening African Feminism w/ Amanda Marufu

Awakening African Feminism w/ Amanda Marufu

In the ingrained patriarchal societies of Africa, where does feminism begin? It begins when women look around and say, “This is wrong,” and decide to stand up, and decide to make change happen. Today we are joined by one of those women, African feminist Amanda Marufu. Today she will tell us her story of awakening, of healing, of bravery, and of helping others create an equitable world.

Highlight Reel:

1:00  Putting African women in control of their story

2:30  Living as ‘Lesser-Than’

6:40  Abuse and oppression goes deep

9:30  Women are the resource

11:30  Unpacking and healing

16:00  Taking a stand

18:40  How men benefit from feminism

22:10  Shame does not define us

24:30  Educating parents, girls, AND boys

27:20  Five truths

29:30  The blue bird flies

Watch the video: https://youtu.be/-M5aroM_eBw

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