April 15, 2021

Adopting Your True Self w/ Sarah Wong

Adopting Your True Self w/ Sarah Wong

For Sarah Wong (@metamorphosis101), the most difficult part of being adopted was finding herself. The journey led her through change after change, not just to her view of herself but her view of her place in the world. Join us on this, our final episode of season 3, to hear how finding your truth, finding your core values, finding your place in the world can make you the true leader of your life.

Highlight Reel:

00:30  The story of adoption

3:30  Adopted from birth (I didn’t realize how important it was)

8:20  The forbidden door

16:50  Adopted family’s feelings

22:40  Kicking out fear

25:20  Validate yourself

27:30  Navigating from core values

30:10  A little time travel (or The pomegranate tree)

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