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An undercover hit!

Agents Scott and Cam and their guests do a fantastic job of investigating some of the most thrilling and intriguing films ever put to screen. And they do it with genuine open-mindedness, curiosity, critical awareness, and good humor. I’ve discovered several new favorites and learned fresh information on nostalgic classics. SpyHards is the hidden secret weapon of my podcast arsenal.

Spyhards - Love it!

My only criticism is that they don't talk enough about things other than the movie they're reviewing. :)

A Fun Podcast for Spy Fans

If your a fan of the spy genre you will love this podcast. I’m primarily a James Bond fan but the podcast also has a number of great interviews and reviews across the spectrum of the spy genre.

Always a Pleasure..

It’s always a pleasure listening to these fellas. They take a unique concept and absolutely run with it each and every week. If you enjoy film podcasts (and specifically spy films in general) then this is definitely one to check out!

Cool podcast.

Enjoyed this one. Will be listening more.

SpyHards rocks!

The SpyHards folks are super knowledgeable and have gotten me interested in watching films I probably would never have picked up myself. Highly recommend!!

Great podcast!

These guys get it! Great show, great guests, fun movies, it doesn’t get better than this!

Good conversation, wide variety of films

I enjoy this podcast for being as objective as possible when reviewing a smorgasbord of spy films and determining if they make their definitive spy film list (the NOC list). Keep up the great work!


Spyhards is a film-review podcast that focuses on spy films of all kinds, so they cover the usual suspects like the James Bond and Mission Impossible franchises. The intro music fits the show perfectly and sounds like it could be the theme music for a Netflix series. The show had a great structure, and Scott and Cam don’t meander too much. After giving their first impressions of the subject of the episode, Cam goes deep into the background of making the film covering things like the budget, box office, casting and any controversies or other newsworthy happenings around the movie. During the actual reviews of the movie meticulously go over the movie and make jokes. This takes up the bulk of the usually 90 min plus runtime. This is really my only beef with this podcast. I like time stamps in the show notes especially for shows that are this long. As an example: They could bookmark their opening remarks about the movie (which is spoiler free), one for the background of the movie, and a couple more at least for the beginning of each hosts’ thoughts about the movie. The show ends with a discussion about whether the movie reviewed earns a spot on the NOC list, which they consider essential viewing for the genre. They keep the running list on their website. They also have guests and interview people who’ve worked on some of these movies whether they be actors, screenwriters etc. Check it out if you like: Spy Movies and some of the behind the scenes stuff about making movies


If you love Bond, Bourne, and everything in between, this is the spy podcast for you.


This was a terrific listen. The hosts are well versed in the genre and researched on the films. It is rare to hear a podcast with pointed critique and sound reasoning. No rambling or shooting from the hip here. These gents are funny and knowledgeable. Truly enjoyable. Give them a rating and a subscribe. This message will self destruct in 15 seconds.

So much fun!

Sure, anybody can give you the traditional spy genre fair of Bond and Bourne but SpyHards delivers the deep cuts (Harry Palmer and Condorman?). Agents Scott and Cam tackle more than just commentary, taking DEEP dives into how films were made and they do it with humor and intelligence. A very fun and entertaining podcast!

Your Mission Should You Choose To Accept It: Listen to This Podcast!

This is such a great podcast! The hosts are intelligent and well spoken, and they bring on fantastic guests who lend their unique perspectives to the genre. I like spy films, but I wouldn't call myself a connoisseur, but Scott and Cam really make the whole discussion very accessible. A great show and I can't wait to dive into more.

Mission accepted

Love the fact that they call themselves Agents Scott and Cam. They are so much fun and the way they breakdown these movies is perfect. If you love spy movies you have to check them they are up for the mission. Cindy WDST

Great stuff

Love these guys! Banter is top notch and love the info!

What an incredible show!

I adore this podcast! The hosts are hilarious and just genuinely great people. The show is a great concept and perfect execution. I don’t even like movies that much but I still enjoy Spyhards 100 percent!!!

Agents of Cinema

Special agents Scott and Cam come at the genre of spy cinema from an interesting and unique angle giving background information on source works, background on film production, all before getting into the marvelous “meat’ of their selected film’s plot. Well versed, competently prepared, and most of all -quite fun to listen to- this is a great “go to” podcast for those who enjoy spy films and are looking to uncover new gems to view, as well as being a great resource for those who wish to take a deeper dive and gain new insight into the genre on the whole. Fantastic work.

I Spy a Good Podcast

I must be discreet as I tell you this because I don’t have much time. This is a good podcast. No one else picks apart spy movies from all different time periods better than these hosts. Their code names are Scott and Cam, and they are incredibly entertaining. I know it goes against your training, but you should tell everyone about this show.

Shaken not stirred

What a great podcast. Do you like films? How about the Spy genre? Yeah you do! Everyone does. So go give this podcast your attention. It’s a must listen. Subscribe, enjoy and then show them some love and leave a review! Keep killing it gents.

Heck yes!

I suddenly found myself wanting to revisit some classics. These dudes are doing their job... very well.

Wtcc podcast review

These guys! This is an epic podcast folks! Who doesn’t love spy movies? Who doesn’t love podcasts? It’s the perfect blend coming together to make the perfect show.

Destroy After Listening

As a general film discussion podcast, SpyHards hits all the right beats of insightfulness and love of cinema. However, it's focused premise on all things spy genre elevates it to a truly creative, fun show. Scott and Cam share a great rapport as cohosts balancing knowledge and entertainment well. What I especially enjoy is their coverage of things like Men in Black as it's not just focused on James Bond and movies riffing that character (although don't worry, they cover them too). Give this a listen and subscribe now!

Pod in Paradise

Excellent podcast! The depth of knowledge and analysis on the part of both hosts is truly impressive. I think this is a great podcast for all audiences, even those who are not particularly interested in the espionage genre.

Really fun show

Go give it a listen if you love the genre or not. The hosts are great and really fun. Anxiously waiting for a total Bond recap show!!!!

Choose to accept this mission!

Scott & Cam present solid content & a great podcast each listen! They take you into the word of spy movies with ease & guide you thru them no matter what your level of experience is. Drop that sub already! - #ODPH!

Well done spy conversations

Great conversations on spy films. The operatives have wonderful chemistry and every week is a treat.

I dont know why. I don't.

I've been subscribed to this show for awhile now and for no reason that I can think of, I haven't come in here to write it up. They're a fun couple of guys and the shows are always good. To be fair, I am not a huge fan of spy movies, but I enjoy listening to them talk about them. You will too. So, tell ya what...stop reading this and go listen. You're still here, aren't you? Why? Go. Go now.

Spy Movie Experts

Watch a spy movie then come listen to the episode. I bet you missed all the good stuff and will have to rewatch it. These spy movies are layered with interesting things and SpyHards help me understand it and enjoy it 1000% more. This is a gem you have to add to your subscriptions.

Must listen!

If you’re into spy movies then this is the only podcast you need to be listening to!🙌🏼

Amazing listen

The spy films the banter and the trivia all quality and all fun. Worth the listen