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Keeping It Real

Dee Dee keeps it real and provides updates on what is happening in SF. If people give this podcast 1 star, it’s only because they hate the truth. If you don’t believe Dee Dee, then tour SF and see it first hand. If you really hate her for what she is saying, drive to SF, park your car at a meter, and leave bags in your car, then see what happens.

Great Podcast!

Wow I didn’t know San Francisco was like this until I listen to this podcast.


I had never been a podcast listener until one of my best friends introduced me to this podcast during a 12 hour road trip! Awesome information about San Francisco. Great attention to detail on each episodes. Thank you Dee Lefrak for this amazing podcast. ❤️❤️

GREAT SHOW, Loved It!!!

I got here on one of my friend's recommendation and i totally loved the show. Listened to few episodes back to back, found her laugh is full of energy. She talks about a huge variety of things I’ve never even thought of. Very thought provoking. Recommended!

Love the show

Honestly I listen to a lot of podcasts, but this is the best one out there! This podcast IS AMAZING. Keep up the good work !!

Great Show!

So well researched and so powerfully delivered. Definitely a must listen to podcast. I will recommend this to my friends and family. Keep it up!!

Lovely podcast

I enjoy this podcast so much. Had the honor/pleasure of meeting Dee Dee Le Frak and Stevie Wonderful today. Dee Dee truly knows what’s happening in the City, and she knows what’s happening. Looking forward to tomorrow’s episode!

Blunt and Succinct

Dee Dee expresses the concerns that I have about San Francisco. I live on the Westside and the problems have arrived Here....


Great , short and to the point daily updates. Thank you for bringing reality to the table. So sad to hear the updates considering SF is was of the best places in the world once, but it is important to know what is actually going on.

Objective and enlightening

Keep up the great work

So good to hear this.

It’s not just me. So nice to hear someone being REAL on a public format. So tired of all the mealy mouthed, pc bull and groupthink. You are honest and speak from the heart and the mind.

Breath of Fresh Air

Grateful for you Dee Dee! Thank you for saying the truth about San Francisco! Like you, this has been my home since I was young. I loved this city with my whole heart and now frequently cry over the sad state of our home! *making an edit to this review, still love her point of view, but I’ve been listening to the podcast for a few weeks now and it’s become extremely repetitive. I might have to unsubscribe since I’ve heard the same content over and over*

Thank you!

Just want to start by saying, THANK YOU Mrs. Lefrak for being so brave! Thank you for sharing what’s going on in San Francisco! Thank you for Sharing your stories. I have cried, and laughed with you! I will continue to look up to you! Thank you! <3

San Francisco Damm!

As a San Francisco resident, Dee calls it as it is. Bravo! Excellent! Free speech. Thank you Dee.


My goodness, there are few things better or realer than this. Love you, Dee Dee. Love you, Richard. Love you, San Francisco.

Solid Civic Ranting

I appreciate the host’s initiative for finding a medium to express her outrage at the failed leadership responsible for accelerated urban decay in SF. She expresses her criticism in a constructive manner wh a humorous twist. Keep up the good work, and civic engagement.