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On Shift

FMWL is the perfect post-work show for everyone, whether you love your job or not or even have a job. Jay and Kay are very easy going which helps make the show fun, genuine, and often hilarious. The listener interaction in stories through messages and voicemail adds a variety to the flow of each episode. Everyone can relate to working (or ranting about work), and they understand that. Give them a listen and subscribe now!

We’ve All Worked There

We’ve all worked (and some still are!) at those jobs that make us just want to get home and grab a cold one - or 6!! Great hosts with great guests sharing workplace nightmares. And their theme music is quite catchy!

Relatable and funny

This is a great podcast. The hosts are prepared and funny. They also include great guests to spice things up. Everyone has work horror stories. This is a great place to commiserate!

Love it

Funny, cringey, or clever work experiences are always entertaining. FMWL is great because you can jump in at any episode and get a few of each type of work antics from Jay and Kay, a guest they have on, or from a listener. Now if something crazy happens to me at work I’ll think, at least this will be funny, later.

Up For a Promotion

Loved this from start to finish. This is a really great idea for a podcast about something everyone can relate to. The daily grind!!! The hosts are funny and intelligent. I have never screamed “yes” so many times while sitting alone in my car listening. These folks get it! You’ll feel very seen by this podcast. Please listen, rate and subscribe!

Pure gold

This is such a great chance to feel less alone in the chaos of work. I love the laughs and the hosts have some great stories as well and are constantly making me laugh. Give it chance!!!


Two pals laughing it up. Great listen, really brightened my day!

Fun, awesome & right up my alley

Lol I found myself smiling and laughing during the first 2mins lol. I instantly thought of several things from my current and former jobs lol. Great chemistry and real. One of my new “go to” podcasts. Great job 👏🏼👏🏼 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ~Lydia ✌🏼❣️ #OneWomansOpinionPodcast

Work Stories FTW

It’s not that I enjoy hearing about other peoples miseries at work...well maybe a little, but it’s good to know I’m not the only one. A variety of jobs snd situations from people who drink because we work. Highly recommend.

I am known as the Quentin Tarantino of podcasting, YetiYeff

And I know quality when I hear it. And guess what. This is it

Lots of fun

The work stories are just the jumping off point to really great sidebars, general banter, ranting and other “rifting.” They make a great team and I look forward to listening and laughing with them every week. Love these two!

This is awesome!

We love the dynamic of these two! Such great banter and riffing! Great Idea for a podcast!

Awesome funny podcast!

These two have such good chemistry and great riffing! As someone who hates their job I really appreciate the ranting and funny stories ❤️ - Independent Thought podcast

So good

Just found this podcast! So glad I did! If you like to laugh then this is a great podcast to listen to! The hosts are so funny and keep me laughing. What a great idea for a podcast! Check it out!

Can’t get enough of workplace stories

As a guy who has worked an insane amount of terrible jobs. I love hearing other people’s workplace stories. It gives me a feeling of solidarity. Great work!

Really great time

Having had over 60 jobs, I really love the concept and execution of this podcast. Kay and Jay have a really great on-mic chemistry. They’re funny and fully realize the horrible reality of having to grind away for the man. Super fun podcast that’s relatable to everyone who’s ever worked.

So fun!!!

This podcast is akin to going out for happy hour after a long day of work. K and J have a nice rapport and play well off each other.

Best New Podcast!

This podcast is so fun! Who doesn’t have work horror stories or hilarious mishaps? Jay and Kay bring them to life with their funny banter and personal anecdotes. Wednesday is my new favorite day of the week!

Love this show!

It feels like I’m hanging with two hilarious friends making me laugh while I’m at work. Keep it coming!

Super fun podcast!

Love your energy and can’t wait to hear more stories!

A great start

Can’t wait for my more fun stories.


Love the interaction between these two as they read stories of people’s work life. Looking forward to the next episode!