Sept. 15, 2021

A Voice That Can Pierce The Heavens feat. Kyle Hebert

A Voice That Can Pierce The Heavens feat. Kyle Hebert

From a young age, Kyle Hebert was fascinated with cartoons and anime; but his love for them was more than just their animation and sweet Saturday morning storylines.  Kyle developed a deep appreciation for the men and women whose voices brought his favorite characters to life.

Today on season  Digital Dissection: A Nerd Podcast, esteemed voice actor Kyle Hebert from shows such as Dragonball Z/Kai/Super, My Hero Academia, Naruto, Gurren Lagann, Pokemon Journeys/Origin, Seven Deadly Sins, and many many more...sits down with us to talk about how he realized his dream. He also answers your fan questions throughout! 


[2:23] Capturing the Face & Losing the Goatee

[3:40] The Dreams of a Voice Actor & Sticking To Your Guns

[7:24] From Louisiana baby to Texas Drummer

[9:00] Anime & Splicing Together Several Shows

[12:50] A Wild Professor Oak & Darmanitan Appears!

[15:02] Pretending to be a DJ to Radio Disney

[19:50] Steve Blum, Jonathan Klein, and Street Fighter

[24:35] Fan Question #1: What Voice Would You Do An Entire Interview In?

[27:00] Dragonball Cell Saga, Various Voices, Teen Gohan, and the Narrator

[34:50] The Presence of a Voice Actor & Physical Expression

[37:15] Chinese Cough Syrup: The Voice Actor's Toolbox

[39:00] Adult Gohan & Learning his Purpose

[43:55] Fan Question #2: Where Would you like to see Gohan Go After ToC?

[45:05] Fan Question #3: What Else would you like to do within the Entertainment Industry?

[48:27] The Intergalactic Boombox & Podcasting 2.0

[54:37] A Wild J. Jonah Jameson Appears!

[58:31] The Goodpods Connection, Networking, and Podcasting Futures

[1:01:10] Fan Question #4: Your Voice Acting Goals & What They Mean to You?

[1:04:30] What Kyle Hebert Has Going On

[1:07:00] A Farewell from Kamina

[1:08:40] Gundam Fan Request Episode & Joe Deleted our Outro

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Music Credits:
"Pixel Peeker Polka (Faster)"
Written and Performed by Kevin MacLeod

"Our Young Guts"
Written and Performed by Andy G. Cohen   

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