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Love your show. Always giving me goosebumps

Very good TC podcast!

I am not typically a True Crime fan, but this show has some fantastic narration. It focuses more on the important matters and clocks in at a very digestible length! Great stuff! If you dig true crime, you will love this!

So engaging!

Wow!! I felt like I was watching a movie or audiobook! The voice, the storytelling the story lines all so engaging!!

A fresh take on true crime!

A detailed true crime podcast that gets the job done! Insightful and interesting!


Pretty clear and detailed. Also entertaining.

True crime

They way everything is detailed out in this podcast is great! The hosts keep you engaged


I never knew a lot about crime shows. However I’m very intrigued by the cases you’ve captured hear on the show. Even though it’s not my typical genre I was hooked anyway !

True crime saves the day

Love the podcast. As a true crime fan here his is my go to podcast!!!! I would love to have the podcast on live event to 😎 come to Jacksonville FL for an in person event !!!

Captivating show

Such a well done show! You can tell the host really cares about the subjects. A great find!

A powerful listen!

This podcast is absolutely addictive. Just take a listen to the latest ep on Helter Skelter. The conversations are engrossing, entertaining, informed, and utterly fascinating. Stop reading this review and just click subscribe. You won’t regret it.

Phenomenal, Thrilling & Addictive

With chilling stories, our narrator gives us a hard yet detailed truth to ominous accounts that constantly leaves us wanting more. Facts and suspense drive this podcast making it all the more stimulating, this is crime, true crime, as if you were there.


Absolutely phenomenal podcast. Very different and original in all the right ways.

Favorite podcast

I love the research and depth that she puts into her craft. Would recommend to everyone.

Must listen!

Such an amazing podcast! She really gets every single detail and goes into everything about every crime she reports on. I can’t stop listening!